MyShop Reseller

MyShop Reseller, help resell thousands of amazing products from myshop merchants and earn from home. Build with react and redux with Progressive Web App support and the mobile-first approach. Its works with rest APIs.

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Amjad Puliyali


React Progressive Web App


May 24, 2021


About MyShop Reseller

MyShop Reseller is a reselling platform, the reseller joins with my shop reseller and they discover some amazing deals on products they can join the sell and share the sale link with consumers. The reseller earns the commission when anyone purchases the product via their link. These apps also provide the order details, earning and commission of the reseller.

Technical aspect of the project

The web apps are built with react.js, the main goal of the project is to make it Progressive, Its design for mobile users, desktop users can also use the site but the User Experience isn’t good enough as the UI kit is provided by the team and it’s only for the mobile version.

This app can be accessed from various countries and in a future release, it will support metalanguages currently its works in the English language only.

The tricky part of the project was the sharing of the link, the link that is shared to the consumer to punches doesn’t have well SEO support, as a result, it’s the app’s responsibility to share the product details and pictures with the share link option. But the problem was all platform doesn’t support the native share options so its try to share all the information once if failed reduct some information and share again if none of them is supported then the link is copied to the clipboard for share.